preposthumous :
a mildly morbid question, for everyone.
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  Have you heard William Shatner's album "Has Been"?
Check out track #3 "You'll Have Time".
It got me to thinkin'....

I feel there is a great privilege in summing up your own narrative. A definite freedom in
telling everything outside yourself how you would prefer to be resolved.

To be honest I’m not talking about suicide here. Suicides always leave a nagging question
behind. You could conceivably compose a 400 page illustrated and cross-referenced
suicide magnum opus guiding your survivors to the precise reasoning preceding your death.
It wouldn’t matter a bit. Someone who loved you will invariably will say, “How could he/she
do this (to me)?”

I found in the creation of this comic collection that everyone I asked wanted to address the
question, “How would you like to die given the option?”

Some people wanted to be funny, many wanted to deflect the question, a few wanted to be
precise on the off chance a higher power was taking suggestions. A few people didn’t want
to answer at all for the same reason, but offered a related story instead.

Early in this process my Mom suggested that only young people fetishize death. Excessive
interest in death seemed slightly vulgar to her when disregarding other more vital concerns.
She may have a point. She also volunteered a story to the collection because she is my
Mommy and she loves me.

Embarrassing personal note: In high school I indulged in a sad excess of black eyeliner and plastic fangs.
Not because I admired the undead, but because I wanted to smooch a spooky boy (or three).
It was a winning strategy, no lie.

To be honest I don’t have much interest in the macabre but rather in the intrinsic value of
assessing our own infinite potential, by an absolute point of reference, common to us all.

Also I like to get into other people’s business and root around.
I worry a bit that it might be slightly vulgar of me to illustrate other people’s intimate wishes
with only my personal imagination to guide the way.

Vulgarity aside, this is a strictly volunteer operation. So the stories you see are transcripts of
conversations and email correspondence unembellished and uncensored from the pre-deceased
horse’s mouth.

I would like to offer my loving thanks to all who participated.


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